Nissan Sell's It's 150,000th Leaf Just In Time For Its Birthday

6th December 2014

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The worlds best selling pure electric car the Nissan Leaf has now sold its 150,000th. Great news for Nissan as its the fourth Birthday on the 11th December for the Leaf.

As the electric car market is now starting to boom and other manufactures are trying to catch Nissan up with the Leaf sales, we can be sure that from the success of the leaf Electric Cars are here to stay.

But thats not the only good news for the Nissan Leaf!

What is it we hear you say?

Its been emotional and a hard drive but Kevin Slowther the company director of ElectricCar.Insure UK drove his new Leaf for Nissan Leafs 1 billionth kilometre.

Nissan needed to have a special individual to take the claim of the 1 billionth kilometre so Kevin was just the man to step up to the plate. With Kevin's passion for the Leaf and owning a Electric Car Insurance company he was just the guy.

So Kevin was invited to go the Nissan Motor Manufacturing plant where the Leaf is produced to drive the final kilometre.

So how did Nissan know about the 1 billionth kilometre?

With thanks to the innovative CarWings telemetry used in the electric car, Nissan had been able to keep an eye on the exact kilometres drove by all the Leafs that have been sold.

Kevin spoke about his thoughts. " It was a great honour for ElectricCar.Insure and especially for myself to be involved in this milestone."

Kevin has been an advocate for the Nissan Leaf since its UK launch in 2010. Kevin is now on his third Leaf of which two of his small fleet are for his business ElectricCar.Insure.

So like we said, what a month for Nissan Leaf.

Happy Birthday Nissan Leaf

From your

ElectricCar2Buy Team.

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