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4th August 2014

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Electriccar2buy are proud to announce they are supporters of nuWorld Energy Ltd, they supply everything that is Eco, from EV charging points and leads to Solar PV. This is what they have to say and how to apply for you free Government funded EV charging point today.
nuWorld Energy Ltd are working towards building a nuWorld of energy efficiency in all areas, from LED Lighting in shops and warehouses to Solar PV on our homes and schools to ultra low emission vehicles on our roads. We genuinely believe that if we all work together we can significantly help reduce man made carbon emissions that will eventually destroy our planet.
The ultimate by-product of reducing carbon emissions on a domestic and commercial basis is that the reduction in energy gives a significant reduction in energy costs… thus giving some extra pennies in our pockets.
Reduce before you Produce - Once we have reduced your energy consumption, we can start to look at producing your own energy through such technologies as Solar PV, Wind, Heat Pumps and other Renewable Energy Technologies.
Our method of reducing energy consumption and producing your own energy will ensure that you maximise your financial benefit and have the greatest effect on the environment.
Turning our roads green with electric - We are committed to promoting the transition from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles to the future of transport….. Electric Vehicles.
We understand that EV’s wont be suitable for everyone straight away, but we aim to educate people against the common mis-conceptions of EV’s and give them the chance to make an informed decision.

Take advantage of The Office for Low Emission Vehicle’s (OLEV's) current subsidy

The government are funding the installation of home charging units for a reason. They need to be able to collect data about where the units are, and therefore where there will be increased loads on the energy network when people start to plug their electric vehicles in for charging. They are also trying to understand where they need to put in more public charging points, and will use the geography of these home charge units to work out where most public charge points need to be installed.
So there are four main conditions for receiving these free units
1) You need to be the homeowner or have permission from the homeowner to install one (no VAT registered businesses as this is a domestic offer only)
2) You need to keep the unit at the property for 3 years (so, if you are moving house you would need to leave the unit for the new homeowner – which should of course, be a selling point for your home)
4) You need to keep the unit plugged in on standby, so that the government can know where the units are.
You need to have a decent mobile phone signal from the site as this is how the unit communicates its location. The only data collected is a postcode location of the unit and charging hours, no personal information about you, the homeowner.
I do not own an electric vehicle - That’s fine, due to the depletion of oil and the effects of climate change the Government are promoting the use of low emission vehicles and this is just one step they are taking to encourage drivers to consider an EV.
The price per gallon of petrol is around £5.90 compared to around 3 pence in electric car usage – more and more people are looking at changing their current petrol vehicles to electric
Future - proof your home with an EV charging point and become part of the EV-olution
Why would I want a unit?
The cost of the unit, including installation, is around £1000 – £1400 – but this is currently FREE
This will upgrade the value of your property.
The unit doesn’t use any electricity unless being used to charge a vehicle.
There is no annual fee and no maintenance will be required.
What’s the catch?
There is no catch – this service includes a free charging unit and free installation, subject to a standard installation survey.
If you would like to arrange a survey / install for an EV Charge Point, please complete the electronic form below and we will call you back to go through the process step by step.
Installation takes upto 14 days from completing a form and confirmation of all relevant details by a nuWorld Energy representative.
Our commitment to driving the Electric Vehicle transition forward.
Here at nuWorld Energy Ltd, we are committed to breaking down the perception of electric mobility within the masses. Whether it be through our efforts to develop the crucial domestic and public charging infrastructure, reasonably priced EV charging accessories or our work within local communities and business to promote the benefits of a Ultra Low Emission Vehicles.
Electric vehicles are a vision of the future that will be a part of everyday life much quicker than we think. From only a few thousand electric vehicles on our roads today it is expected to be closer to a hundred thousand within the next five years.
Apart from being environmentally friendly electric vehicles cost much less to run and are extremely fun to drive. We have yet to see someone step out of an EV without a huge grin and a new adoration towards these superbly crafted cars.
We have stock of various Electric Vehicle charging accessories including charge cables, charge points, DIY EVSE kits, and many more.


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