BMW's New Hybrid Plug-In 5 Series GT Prototype

22nd December 2014

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The german giants BMW have previewed their new hybrid plug-in prototype with their power house 670bhp, 5 Series GT.

As we know that BMW have released resent news that it aims to offer a plug-in version  to it core products.

With the first model being the 3 series but now next up is the 5 series. BMW aim to produce a whopping 670 horsepower which will be developed by its e-Drive team.

The e-Drive drivetrain is a plug-in hybrid setup, similar to our winner in our top hybrid plug-in top 10 the i3 range extender. But what is different is that the power e-Drive will rely on the high powered next generation electric motors and high density batteries.

The Power eDrive system is being previewed in the 5-Series GT this modular setup that can fit a variety of body styles and future models. It combines a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine with two electric motors for a combined output in excess of 670 hp. One of the electric motors is integrated with the transmission to help the engine power the standard BMW set up rear wheels, the other is used to power the front wheels. The automotive giants are also working on their next generation design where an electric motor powers the rear wheels exclusively while an electric motor and engine powers the front wheels, creating a ‘through-the-road’ hybrid all-wheel-drive setup.

So what is going to be different about the new 5 series?

The new e-Drive will generate zero emissions for your everyday use. It will also have all the luxury that BMW are renowned for, and due to it's electric motors it will have instant accelerating power and full torque from zero rpm.

It looks like BMW are serious about the future of electric technology and are in our opinion one of the top 3 leaders in this new technology along with Tesla and Nissan.

A spokes person for BMW told ElectricCar2Buy," Eventually as battery technology improves and as hydrogen infrastructure is developed the combustion engine will be phased out altogether".

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