BMW Admits To Offering A Plug-In Version To Its Core Products

9th December 2014

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BMW are determined to keep ahead of the rest of the luxury car makers with implementing a electric plug-in version for all their core products. The latest model that is up for a revamp is their best selling model the 3 series.

Based on the new concept the popular 3 series will be available with their new technology that has been a success for their i3 and i8 or better known as the i-brand.

One of the top board members Herbert Diess has spoke out by saying " The 3 Series plug-in will get a turbocharged four-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor and a efficiently cooled lithium-ion battery pack. The idea behind the technology is to limit short trips to electric power only. Range anxiety is dealt with by the combined output of the gas and electric systems on board working together."

If BMW can achieve what they have with the BMW i3 Range Extender by a incredible 470.8 mpg which is only 1p per mile we should be looking at a amazing i-range.

BMW said " Our plug-in system can be spread across our entire model range. However we are looking to bring hydrogen fuel-cell technology in to our range."

It is interesting to hear BMW speak out about hydrogen fuel-cell technology because they haven't been aggressively speaking out about their finding's or developments within this new fuel technology.

A BMW spokes person said to ElectricCar2Buy that, "Efficient Dynamics strategy is a comprehensive approach to maximising the “green” aspects of all our vehicles – from aerodynamic designs to lightweight technologies. Now we are putting far greater emphasis on the electrification of the power train.

The plug-in technology will be one key lever to bring high performance vehicles well below 100 g/km CO2, while retaining the driving pleasure and driving dynamics of a BMW,” says the company. “We will also continue to develop fully electric mobility. Hydrogen fuel-cells will remain a key issue when it comes to drive train development, especially relating to its sustainable production.”

Beyond the newly selected 3-Series, BMW is also planning a BMW X5 eDrive model. Like others in the BMW line, it will be equipped with what BWM calls “an intelligent eDrive component-sharing system.”

Future e-Drive BMW models will get much more powerful electric motors and batteries with twice the capacity of present versions, says BMW. The next milestone for the company: an all-electric driving range of up to 100 km, making all day-to-day trips emission-free in pure-electric mode.


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