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2nd March 2015

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Electric and Plug-in Hybrid cars are growing in popularity with the UK being one of the largest growth markets. This increase in popularity is due to several reasons, the most important for the consumer is that they are extremely cheap to run. Generally you will find that EV's are more expensive to buy, however over the long term the user will have saved a significant amount of money versus using a petrol vehicle. Secondly and most importantly EV's and hybrid cars are environmentally friendly, generally this is classified by the CO2 emissions and can also be based on the tax banding of the vehicles. Any tax band between A and D is what we at electriccar2buy class as a Eco vehicle.

EV's can be found by many different dealers, we like to provide a range of different types of eco and electric vehicles for our consumers by featuring a range of dealers on our site and also private sellers. As you can see it is free to advertise for anyone and you can clearly and easily chose your vehicle using our unique specific search function.

Electric cars are powered by fuel cells and these are used to drive the motor which produces a huge amount of torque, this generally means they accelerate far quicker than conventional combustion engines. Furthermore, the efficiency is hugely increased, currently a typical combustion engine is only between 30 and 40% efficient, this increases to around 70 to 80% for electric vehicles.

McLaren P1Hybrid vehicles are fast gaining in popularity, especially with super cars. Many people that are interested in super cars do not realise that some of the fastest cars such as the McLaren P1 are actually hybrid cars. Even Formula One cars for the 2014 season are hybrid. The F1 teams and manufacturers are striving to improve the technology to help in the development of electric and hybrid cars, this development will be emphasised by the introduction of Formula E in September 2014. Consisting of Formula One style cars, FIA Formula E are fully electric vehicles and will race around street circuits throughout the world. This includes London in June 2015.

This will have a huge impact on the sales and market share for electric vehicles as many enthusiasts know, the Nissan Leaf is the most popular electric vehicle and the world's top-selling road capable electric vehicle. The Leaf was released in December 2010 and is now sold in 35 countries. The Nissan leaf is now representing a 45% market share of the worldwide pure electric vehicles sold.


BMW i3
Tesla model S

The BMW i3 released in 2014 is a pure electric vehicle, the EPA ratings are 138 mpg-e, and it is reported that the vehicle costs around 50p to drive 25 miles. In June 2014 BMW will release the BMW i8 in direct competition with the Tesla model S, the Tesla model S was released in 2013 with an EPA rating of around 94 mpg-e and reportedly costs around 70p to drive 25 miles.

Most of the mileage related costs for EV's are related to the maintenance and potential future replacement of the battery pack because an electric vehicle has only around five moving parts compared to its major competitors, a petrol car would have hundreds of parts and the overall wear and tear is significantly reduced but the reliability overall is hugely increased with an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Many people looking to buy an electric car "what is the range and recharging times?’’ The range can vary depending on the make, manufacturer and model, this can be between 80 miles to 245 miles which can be achieved by cars such as the Tesla model S. A full charge for an electric vehicle can take between 8 and 15 hours, there are however fast charges that can take the battery to around 80% and can be as short a time as 30 minutes. Tesla are currently developing superchargers were you can charge a vehicle to an 80% capacity in a time as short as 10 minutes.

We hope this information helps you make an educated and informed decision when deciding what and where to buy an electric or hybrid vehicle. We at electriccar2buy believe that the future is electric and we will soon see a revolution on the roads.

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