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12th November 2014

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ElectricCar2Buy are passionate about our customers, cars and the environment. With the motor industry on the verge of a revolution we are leading the way in offering a one stop shop for all Eco car news, information and sales.

Firstly and most importantly, ElectricCar2Buy care about our customers and pride ourselves on giving great customer service, we have tailored our website to keep our customers well informed, and we have found they, in return have given us their time. Our website is very specific and as a result we find our customers keep coming back, and spend more and more time on our website.

We keep our website up to date with the latest in Eco, EV, LPG, Electric and Hybrid car news. We also offer all the latest car releases, technological developments and any news on government legislation relating to electric, and eco vehicles. We ensure that we offer our customers a wide range of electric and eco vehicles available to purchase through our website UK wide.

Our website is designed to be user friendly, as well as being environmentally friendly, with easy to use interfaces; you are only a click away from finding your next eco car. Remember eco also means economical and that is where you will save money. We have calculated that the average car user will benefit by over twenty thousand pounds, by choosing an eco or electric car over a conventional vehicle.

Building lasting relationships with other related industry partners is an important part of our business philosophy; we are keen to build bridges with market leading companies and promote their unique ideas and services, by offering tailor made advertisements on our website and social media followings. With a dedicated team of developers and marketing professionals, we can also build your online business profile and develop your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), by offering tailor-made services to best suite you.

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