All About EV's 2nd March 2015

Electric and Plug-in Hybrid cars are growing in popularity with the UK being one of the largest growth markets. This increase in popularity is due to several reasons, the most important for the consumer is that they are extremely cheap to run. Generally you will find that EV's are more expensive to buy, however over the long term the user will have saved a significant amount of money versus using a petrol vehicle. Secondly and most importantly EV's and hybrid cars...


Rinspeed, the Swiss car designer and manufacturer, will showcase a BMW i3-style driverless electric small car at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show in March. Called the Budii, the car will be fully autonomous, but at a touch of a button, either front seat passenger will be able to adopt full manual control.

The Rinspeed Budii has been described by the company as a “robotic friend on wheels”. The ‘autopilot’ mode allows the driver to hand over control to the car, offeri...

Kia's Soul bared - and it's an EV 30th December 2014

This is the Kia Soul EV, the first electric car offered by the company to make it to the UK.

As you might appreciate, transforming the Soul into a pure electric vehicle involved some extensive reengineering. At its heart is a class-leading 27kWh battery pack and a 108bhp electric motor which combine to produce 210lb ft of pulling power. The battery back weighs a hefty 274.5kg, but is able to give the Soul EV a theoretical range of 132 miles.

The pack has been mounted d...

Tesla continue charge to develop UK network of Car Superchargers 28th December 2014

Birmingham is the location for Tesla’s newest store and service centre in the UK. It is the fourth such site in this country and is, says Tesla, perfectly placed to serve customers and Model S owners across the Midlands.

Situated just five-minutes from the A45 and A38, the new facility features a Model S design studio, a four-bay service area and a purpose-built delivery bay.

It will join a network of Tesla stores and service centres across the whole country. The...