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Renault Twizy

Doors: 2
Engine: 0.1L
Fuel Type: Electric

Renault Fluence

Doors: 4
Engine: 0.0L
Fuel Type: Electric

Mitsubishi i Miev E

Doors: 5
Engine: 0.0L
Fuel Type: Electric

Mitsubishi i Miev E

Doors: 5
Engine: 0.0L
Fuel Type: Electric

Mitsubishi I-Miev

Doors: 2
Engine: 0.0L
Fuel Type: Electric

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More Eco Car News

Tesla continue charge to develop UK network of Car Superchargers

Tesla continue charge to develop UK network of Car Superchargers 28th December 2014

Birmingham is the location for Tesla’s newest store and service centre in the UK. It is the fourth such site in this country and is, says Tesla, perfectly placed to serve customers and Model S owners across the Midlands. Situated just five-minutes from the A45 and A38, the new facility features a ...

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Peugeot unveils hybrid BMW M3-beating Quartz crossover concept

Peugeot unveils hybrid BMW M3-beating Quartz crossover concept 20th November 2014

What you see here is Peugeot’s new Quartz Concept. As you can tell from just by looking at it, it is an all-wheel drive crossover. However, what isn’t obvious is that it is a hybrid which boasts more power than a BMW M3. Underneath the bonnet sits a 1.6-litre 4-cylinder 270bhp petrol engine whic...

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Latest EV information

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Advantages of Switching to an EV

01)   Long term environmental impacts, by reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. Find out more about Pollution.

02)   Significant reduction in running costs, mainly due to the ability to travel at 1p per mile. Find out more use a fuel comparison calculator.

03)   No need to stop at service stations to fill up with expensive petrol or diesel.

04)   Reduced noise pollution, EV's are significantly quieter than combustion engines.

05)   Free to road tax, find out more about EV road tax.

06)   They benefit from the government backed plug-in cars Grant currently £5000.

07)   They are congestion charge exempt when driving in London. Find out about EV congestion charge.

08)   They can use bus lanes in London.

09)   Due to the instant torque from their motors the acceleration performance is very good.

10)   You can use domestic solar PV to charge your cars.

11)   For businesses the purchase price is 100% tax deductible.

12)   There are significant tax benefits for using these vehicles for work. Find out about company cars tax for EV’s.

13)   Government grants are available towards 75% of the cost of a home charging unit. Find out about the Government home charging grant.

14)   The UK has one of the best charging networks for these vehicles. See the charging map here.

Example Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV)

Want to know more find out about ULEV manufacturers and their cars for sale? 

BMW i3- the BMW i3 was the first fully battery powered electric cars for sale of its kind, design and manufactured by BMW. The i3 comes in two models the first being the pure battery version, capable of around 80 miles on a charge. The second being the range extender version that has a small petrol engine that can be used to power the batteries if the charge is depleted. The range extender version has a combined range of about 160 miles, making long journeys achievable, as it can be refuelled.

Nissan Leaf- the Nissan Leaf is one of the world’s bestselling pure electric cars for sale with between 20% to 30% of the world EV market. This four-door hatchback has a range of around 70 miles, and is probably one of the most affordable Ev's on the market.

BMW I8- this super sleek sports vehicle was released for sale by BMW around the same time as the i3, this vehicle is a battery hybrid that utilises a motor to power the front wheels and an internal combustion engine to power the rear wheels. Capable of immense acceleration this vehicle can achieve 0 to 60 mph in a little over four seconds.

Tesla model S- a large executive saloon vehicle designed and manufactured by Tesla the pure EV specialist. This vehicle has a huge range of around 265 miles. The model S also has great performance, and can achieve 0 to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds, and has a top speed of around 120mph. Find a used Tesla Model S.

Interested in finding out more about EV's or find more electric cars for sale follow this link?

Charging Options

If you are thinking about buying a EV,  it is important to understand how and where you will charge it. Over 90% of car journeys in the UK are under 50 miles, and thus well within the range of these cars, with the average UK journey being a mere 7 miles. Due to these facts the majority of cars will be charged at home using the supplied leads or a wall box if one has been installed. We recommend NuWorldEnergy for installation of wall boxes.

If you are required to charge while out on the roads you will be surprised at how many points are available. There are a number of different charging networks schemes available, some of which are completely free to use like Tesla’s Super Chargers. Others require a small membership fee in order to use the points. These points can be found in a range of locations from public car parks and motorway services through to hotels and other businesses. For a detailed charging map of all the UK points follow this link.

Follow this link to find out about the latest industry news. We have also selected a top 10 hybrid cars list to help you decide what to buy.